AI's Musical Way Of Showing Love For A Country

I used Chat GPT to conquer my fears of writing lyrics

Pang S
6 min readJan 25, 2023

My relationship with songwriting and poetry

I would say my writing is quite decent, but other than prose, I have very little knowledge about poetry and songwriting.

Despite my interest in music and poetry, I have always been intimidated by the structure and rules of songwriting. I have attempted to attend Haiku and songwriting workshops in the past, but found myself feeling more lost and confused than ever. This is mainly because of my fear of not understanding or following the rules of songwriting such as rhyme schemes, metric patterns, and other structural elements. I am afraid that if I don’t follow the rules correctly, my work will be ridiculed and not be well received.


I come from Singapore, a relatively young nation having gained independence in 1965 during the wave of decolonization around the world.

While Singapore has achieved great success in terms of economic and social development, it can also be said to have a certain level of authoritarianism with social control and censorship creeping into all levels of society. The dominant narrative is often one-sided and heavily skewed towards being pro-government, leaving little room for different perspectives and voices to be heard.



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